Euroring - Taking driving to the next level

Experience a different way

The Euroring is one of the most outstanding asphalt tracks in Hungary, and our extra services (including our recently renovated conference room and VIP area) are also internationally renowned, as the growing number of our foreign clients and customers proves.

In addition to racing, we are also passionate about promoting motorsport. We give everyone the opportunity to get a taste of this fascinating world and we hope that our programmes will give more people a taste of it. With our wide range of offers, it's easy to find the right one for you!

Can you drive? And do you like it?

Experience driving at the Euroring racetrack

If the answer to both questions is yes, then we're the place for you! One of our most popular services is the guided tour. Our luxury and sports cars are sure to thrill any enthusiast. Getting into a real Ferrari, Lotus Exige or even a Porsche is an exhilarating experience in itself; and these few brands were just a solid taste of the wide range of models available. And when you're at the wheel, it's an unforgettable experience!

Unleash the horsepower at the finish line, because you can do it on our premium 9cm asphalt track. We've designed it so that it's safe to use for professional racing and the general public. The width is 12 metres at the finish line and 10 metres on average on the earlier sections. At least once in their lives, every car enthusiast deserves the experience of "driving on smoking tyres". One thing's for sure: our thrill rides release a huge amount of energy. It would be a shame to miss it!

Luxury Car Drive

Let the gift be an experience this year!

Do you have a friend or relative who is a fan of cars or motorbikes? If so, there's a good chance they have two things on their mind: luxury vehicles and unbridled speed. We can give you both! Any of our programmes is the perfect gift, guaranteed to be a lasting memory. Our vouchers are available for both our car and motorcycle offers.


Why choose us?

Because we have a passion for motorsport, and our varied programme of events means that anyone can get into the racing spirit with us. But we also offer other exciting services. If you don't just want to compete with yourself, test your skills in one of our high-quality competitions. We always get a lot of entries for our Slalom Sprint Training, 4-hour race or drift training programmes. If you're interested, keep an eye on our Facebook page as well as our website for the latest news!

If you're coming with the family, we recommend go-karting: even little ones can hit the tarmac on our Honda models from a height of 120 cm.

If you're hooked on the world of horsepower, it's worth becoming a club member to get access to a range of services at a discount.

Other Car and Motorcycle Days

Our open days are available in both car and motorcycle categories. Test your driving skills and the performance of your vehicle with exciting cornering combinations. Your safety is assured with a gravel bed and/or standard tyre wall, so you can try what you (rightly) wouldn't dare to do on the road.

Check our events calendar for current dates. Our offer is available in half-day or one-day categories.

Driving Training

Our driving training is also popular. Who do we recommend? Anyone who has a driving licence. Because during the training we demonstrate and practice road situations (at several levels, of course), the correct handling of which could save your life in a sharp situation. From wet and icy roads to emergency braking to more complex manoeuvring tasks, you can try out a wide range of simulations in safe conditions with the help of our experienced instructors.

Please come with your own car or motorbike, as the aim is to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your own vehicle
and faults of your vehicle. If you want to push your limits even further, test your skills on our Off-Road track. Our steep climbs and descents are a challenge in themselves, and the bumps and bumps make for an extra special experience. You can also hire an off-road vehicle from us for your off-road adventure.