Advance booking is required to take part in open days for cars! Please check the event calendar for open day dates.

The open days are designed to help drivers to test their driving skills and the performance of their vehicles in a safe environment instead of public roads. Gravel traps and/or standard tire walls ensure the safety of our visitors at every corner. The schedule of the track is created based on the number of participants attending the open day.

Prices of track usage for open days for cars:

Full day driver ticket 45.000 Ft
Half day driver ticket 32.000 Ft
Passenger ticket 5.000 Ft
Full day pit box renting 18.000 Ft
Half day pit box renting 11.000 Ft

VIP prices of track usage for open days for cars(only for our Club Members):

Full day driver ticket 39.500 Ft
Half day driver ticket 28.500 Ft

Price of a package:

Full day driver ticket AND Full day pit box renting AND Passenger ticket  63.000 Ft

Technical and participation conditions:

  • Minimum age limit is 14 years but a valid licence is also required.
  • Safety helmet is mandatory in a car equipped with a roll cage.
  • Providing drawbar eyes are mandatory.
  • In convertible cars while driving with retracted roof a safety helmet is mandatory.
  • Every visitor is responsible for their own safety while using the racetrack. The racetrack management reserves the right to forbid the usage of the racetrack in case of non-compliance with the technical and participation conditions.

Cancellation of registrations for our sporting events after the determined deadline, which is the previous day at 6 pm, will incur a payment obligation in all cases!