The Euro-Ring Racetrack and Event Center is located 52 km from Budapest, along the motorway M5, close to the city of Örkény. The building itself is right next to the motorway. The motorway exit leads right to the entrance of the building. The full length of the racetrack is 2750 m with a 330 m pit straight. The top speed achievable at the pit straight is about 180 km/h.

At the pit straight the track is 12 m wide, while at other sections the average width is 10 m. The 9 cm thick, excellent quality asphalt layer of the racetrack fulfils the expectations of the general public attending open days and it also meets the conditions of professional motorsport events.

Racing on the 2750-meter-long Euro-Ring Racetrack requires a great technical knowledge. Thanks to its special construction, many alternate racing lines are available. Since the track had been opened, many motorcycle racing, kart racing and auto racing events have been held here. Apart from racing events, we are also happy to host trainings for various classes of racing cars and motorcycles.