Advance booking is required for go-kart renting!

Many sports fans would love to experience kart racing but they don’t have their own go-karts. This is no longer a hurdle as we also rent go-karts. This way our visitors may enjoy this great sport without spending too much money. Because kart racing is wonderful. When sitting in a go-kart, you can experience racing firsthand. You are in direct contact with your vehicle, sitting only a couple of centimeters above the ground while petrol smell fills the air. Safety helmet and mask are provided.

Prices of go-kart renting:

(9 minutes/race) Price Minimum pax
5 races HUF 19,500 /person from 4 people
5 races HUF 18,500 /person from 5 people
5 races HUF 17,500 /perso from 6 people

VAT (27%) is not included in the above mentioned NET prices.

Participation conditions:

  • Minimum height of 120 cm.
  • Full face safety helmet is mandatory.

Every visitor is responsible for their own safety while using the kart circuit. The racetrack management reserves the right to forbid the usage of the racetrack in case of non-compliance with the technical and participation conditions.